Is It Ok For A Girl To Ask A Guy Out?

Closed mouths DON’T get fed. If you don’t let it be known then he won’t know. I say YES…. it’s OK to ask a guy out. People say, in dating, the guy is the one who asks out the girl, picks her up, and pays for her dinner at the end of the night. Now… I’m not against him picking me up and paying for my dinner, but I can be the one to initiate the date.

If a guy goes after a girl, he’s confident. If a girl goes after a guy, she’s desperate. I know we live in a world of double standards, but this is not acceptable. Girls can be just as bold as guys. And what about the guy who isn’t bold? What about the guy who is too shy to ask a girl out? If it wasn’t for bold girls, he would never get a date.

The times have changed. It’s not the guy’s role to ask the girl out anymore, it can go either way. Girls can do anything guys can do, and what’s even crazier is, we can do it better.

What ya’ll think?

Should a girl ask a guy out on a date? Does it show confidence, or desperation?


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