Is It Time To Say Bye To Your Bestie?

Throughout life you experience many friendships. Some are amazing, others are the worst. A friendship is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever experience. But what happens when it’s time for that union to come to an end? Here are some signs that it might be time to end a friendship.

Less Communication

Communication is key for any relationship. Lack of communication can lead to unnecessary arguments that harm the relationship more, or can cause confusion between parties if unaware of why there is a stop of communication. Friends can grow apart naturally over time but a hard stop of communication without reason is a big sign that something is wrong. This could also mean it’s time to end the relationship.

Loss of Trust 

With social media and the internet constantly evolving, it is very simple to hide true identities and motives. This is a time where you may need to use your gut feeling when it comes to who you consider your friend. If you have suspicions of dishonesty, it’s ok to reach out to your friend and have an honest conversation with them to get the truth. If they refuse to be honest and true you need to let that friend go.

Lack of Support and One-sidedness of the Relationship

There should be mutual support in friendships. Uplifting, encouraging passions new and old, and helping each other should be a given in your relationship. If you are only supporting your friend and they are the main receiver in your friendship, it’s time to let that person go. Both parties should feel equally valued.

They Change How They Act

As hard as it is to believe that some of your closest friends can be against you, it is possible  that over time that friend may become a hater and not care about your goals. In that event, you can have a conversation and try to understand their point of view. Convey to your friend that you are still there for them. If the message is not received, then it is acceptable to decide to move on from each other.

How Long Should You Wait Before Ending The Friendship?

Every relationship is different, but going without talking for a month without reason is when you should be done. It is important to keep in mind that you can always reach back out to your friend after some space to see if you both wish to rekindle a friendship. Ending a friendship doesn’t have to be a negative situation. It’s best to come to a mutual understanding before ending the relationship.


By Amariyah Mallory, Freshman, Whitney Young

IG: Dancemari_


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Written by Amariyah Mallory

Amariyah Mallory is a life long learner who's passionate about dance, committed to social justice and service, invested in African America culture and current events, and devoted to writing. 

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