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Is Stephanie Meyers’ “The Host” Becoming The New Twilight?


Originally written as a novel, and coming to theaters as a motion picture this Friday, The Host has already taken over many people’s hearts. Many teens and young adults wait eagerly for the chance to be the first ones to see the action packed masterpiece. The movie takes place in the future where humanity has been overtaken by celestial beings with superior technology. With their bodies taken over and minds erased, humans struggle to take a stand against their invaders.

Melanie Stryder, played by Saoirse Ronan, is one the fugitives defending the last of human civilization, but once she is captured, and her mind and body become possessed, will everything she ever stood for disappear? The invading soul, the Wanderer, also known as “Wanda” has taken over Melanie’s body using her memories to find the resisting humans; but Melanie’s soul still remains, strengthened by determination and her love for Jared and her brother. Will Melanie pull through to prevent Wanda and the rest of the invaders from finding and destroying the last of the human race or fade away just like the others?

To find out the answers you could read the book (which is highly recommended) or you could go buy a ticket along with the rest of Meyers’ fan base and watch the movie for yourself.

By: Alexis Estes, Junior, Morgan Park High School


Written by IVC Productions


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