Is The “Boo’d Up” Remix Ruining Your Mood?


Almost everyone loves Ella Mai’s hit single “Boo’d Up” from her album Ready. The song was release in February 2017, but didn’t blow up in such a positive way until spring 2018. At one point everyone was singing this song. Videos of people loving it were going viral; the song was just that good.

Last week a remix of the song was released featuring rappers Nicki Minaj and Quavo. I’ve seen so much about this song, mainly peope’s comments about Nicki Minaj verse. Of course, Ella Mai’s portion is still a hit and Quavo has been mentioned too. But Nicki is getting some love and hate because of this song and work she has released before. I first heard about the song earlier in the day before it was released. Later that same day I saw tweets and Instagram posts mainly bashing Nicki’s verse, Quavo’s verse, or the song in general. People weren’t fond of it, and when I first heard it I wasn’t either. After Ella Mai’s post about the single being released the tweets instantly came through.

So @FettyPikachu tweeted that Nicki bodied her verse as if it was actually good, but @polo_kris completely disagreed. He inserted the “why tf you lying” GIF underneath his tweet. Another fan, @TarnisaC_ responded with a GIF of Simon Cowell saying “It’s a no from me,” obviously not fond of the entire remix. @GeminiAquemini was one of many to agree underneath the tweet.

Of course Nicki wasn’t the only reason this song is considered trash. According to some tweets, Quavo must take responsibility also. Many agree that artist Chris Brown would have done a much better job then both rappers featured on the remix.

On the bright side, there’s people that absolutely love this song. After Nicki posted on Instagram a week ago that the song was out, positive feedback came through. People were under her post saying the song is fire and they love it. Even other celebrities were under her post telling her to send them the song “ASAP” because they enjoy it so much. Not to mention, the “Boo’d Up” remix landed Ella Mai at number one on the Billboard charts. The song might not please everyone, but it obviously pleases many. With all this being said, almost everyone is sticking to the original version of the song.

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By Kyra Smith, Sophomore, Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory

Instagram: @ k_thadoll

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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