Is Tom Brady Really The QB GOAT?

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Even if you know nothing about the NFL, there is a really good chance that you’ve heard the name “Tom Brady.” Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the oldest non-kicker in the NFL right now. And while that’s impressive in itself, what is even more impressive is how consistently great he’s been for the last two decades. Being a six-time Super Bowl champion, a multiple-time MVP winner, and being considered a top QB at every step of his career, it comes as no surprise that many see Brady as the greatest QB ever, or even greatest player ever. But is he actually the G.O.A.T QB? Let’s examine.

First, let’s see Brady’s competition. There aren’t many QBs that are in Brady’s realm, however, there are two that are close. One of them being five-time MVP winner and two-time champion Peyton Manning. The other is eight-time pro bowler, two-time NFL MVP, and four-time Super Bowl Champion Joe Montana. Manning is the second all-time leader in passing yards (behind Brady), averaged more yards per season than Brady, and has three more MVPs than Brady. While I, along with many others, believe that Manning is a more talented than Brady, Brady’s massive winning advantage and bigger clutch moments should pass Brady over Manning in the debate. Montana, on the other hand, could be seen as the better winner and more clutch due to his  4-0 record in the Super Bowl, and having the best all-time passer rating out of any QB in the big game. However, Montana made the game less than half the amount of times that Brady made it (4 to 9), and Brady won two more titles than Montana, with arguably less talented teammates.

So case closed right? Well no. Manning still has a major statistical advantage over Brady, and Brady has always had the help of the greatest football mind ever, Bill Belichek, Brady’s head coach, for his entire career. Not to mention the various scandals and shady reports that Brady and his Patriots have been a part of, which adds less credibility to Brady’s career. But again, Manning is simply the more talented of the two quarterbacks, which doesn’t automatically make him better than Brady. Brady is a better winner than any player in the Super Bowl era of the NFL, while still having amazing numbers. To me, Brady’s accolades still put him over the top against any QB ever, and he should be considered the greatest QB to ever lace them up.

What’s more important to you, talent or winning?


By Hugo Vazquez, Brooks College Prep, Senior

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Written by TrueStar Staff

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