Is Yandy Smith’s Babydaddy A Criminal?

mandeecees-yandy-family-portraitIs Mendeecees Harris a sexual molester?Well according to a female,who is now 19,he is. She is reporting that when she was 15 years old, she had sexual relations with him and he blackmailed her into doing so.The female had been raped at 8 years old. He bribed her with that information and he blackmailed her every time she asked for money. He is more than four years older than her.Well the truth came out when Mendeecees started dating the girl’s mother and potentially wanted to marry her.

Get this–he told her she was better in bed than her mother. Ugh! The girl was at some point staying with him and the girl’s mother found text messages that made her have a fit.The mother had an apartment that she rented for him. Well she saw him on television with Yandy and had had enough of keeping the secret.He is being charged with seven counts of child abuse. If convicted, he will face up to twenty years in prison!

I know you’re wondering where is Yandy? She has been at his trial but has not said anything. Mendeecees stated on the witness stand, “I never had a relationship with her, she never extended herself.” He also stated that the mother and him were just FRIENDS.

Yandy and him started dating in 2009,which is around the time he was living in the apartment with the girl and her mother.I’m interested to see what Yandy thinks about that.This is getting messy! A lot of questions are left unanswered and the two sides are not equaling up at all. Looks like Yandy has more to worry about than Chrissy and Jim Jones!

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Written by Eri Loves


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