Is Zach Lavine Not As Good As Chicagoans Think?

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As a longtime sports fan, I can say comfortably that it’s not a fun experience when your team sucks. Not only is there virtually no chance of your team winning anything that important, but you’re waiting for development from your team: whether it be from players, to coaches, or even the front office. And needless to say, waiting is one of the darkest time periods for a sports fan. But there is one good thing when being a fan of a bad team. The bright spots.

Zach Lavine is one of those bright spots for the Chicago Bulls, being one of the most exciting players in the NBA to watch in my opinion. Last year Lavine was an explosive offensive player for the Bulls, averaging 24 points a night while shooting very efficiently (47% from the field, 37% from three on five attempts a game, and 57% true shooting) and showing a lot of improvement as a passer, averaging 4.5 assists a game while showing decent court vision. The main knockback on Lavine is his defense, which is atrocious to say the least. If he isn’t the worst defender in the NBA, he certainly has an argument for it. But offense has proven to be more important to success in the NBA, as long as a team’s defense isn’t too bad as a whole. So while his defense is bad, he is still contributing a lot to whatever wins the Bulls get.

Sports Illustrated placed Zach Lavine as the 90th best player in the NBA. THE 90TH BEST. ESPN ranked Zach as 55th, which is better but much too low in my opinion. Like I previously stated, the main knock on Lavine is his defense, but it’s not like he is shooting poorly or making his teammates less impactful, since he is a good passer and has progressively gotten better at spotting an open man as last season went on. Sports Illustrated didn’t even have a good explanation, and it seemed as if they took a game or two from Lavine’s season and threw in a few words. In my personal, unbiased opinion, Zach Lavine is probably around the top 40 in the NBA, but certainly not as low as 90th or 55th.

Who do you agree with? Me, ESPN, or Sports Illustrated?


By Hugo Vazquez, Brooks College Prep, Senior

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Written by Hugo Vazquez

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