J Cole and Drake Apologize For Offensive Lyrics



The rapper J Cole is taking responsibility for his verse in Drake’s “Jodeci Freestyle” where he says “I’m artistic, you n***** is autistic, retarded,” referring to his rivals. Many found this offensive towards people with autism, which is why an online petition was started by Autism Speaks and it received over 4,000 signatures.  The petition demanded that J Cole and Drake apologize for the lyrics.

According to, J Cole tweeted:

“I said something in a rap that was offensive to those with autism. Feel terrible. A tweeted apology wouldn’t do.”

There’s a link to a blog post with his apology (Read the full statement by clicking this link ).

According to, Drake has apologized for his contribution in the song, and announced he will remove the offensive lyric.

By: Taylor M.

Written by IVC Productions


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