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Jhené Aiko- “Spotless Mind” Starring Her Baby’s Father O’Ryan


Shame on me for changing… shame on you for staying the same…

Don’t you just love Jhené Aiko. Today the beautiful songstress released the visual for “Spotless Mind” off of her Grammy nominated EP ‘Sail Out‘. Every girl can relate to trying to balance out those multiple personalities throughout the day, or maybe its just me. One minute you’re happy. the next you’re sad, bringing out the inner hood girl, playful or just want to zone out in your favorite television show.

Especially when you’re in a relationship and you have that significant other who doesn’t understand every side of you, it can get hard on them and they leave. Which is what happened in this visual. And if you think that face looks familiar, it’s Omarion’s brother, also the father of Jhené Aiko’s daughter. Enjoy the visual to this mellow song below.

Change is inevitable
Why hold on to what you have to let go of?
Like, did I really break your heart?
Was it all my fault?
If you don’t knock it off
You know like I know where this was headed

I’m a wanderer
I’m a wanderer, baby
I’m a wanderer
I’m a wanderer

Flying kite was nice
Turquoise trees and ocean breezes
Loving you was nice
But it’s a new day, a new season
I’ve been sad inside
And he could see it, picked up your pieces
We are just alive
And alright, alright, alright

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