JJ Watt: New Home, New Mission

JJ Watt

For football fans, the news of JJ Watt, a former free agent from the Houston Texans, recently signing with the Arizona Cardinals is a pretty big deal. Many people are questioning his move, asking: “Why the cardinals?” “Why did he downgrade?” “Is it worth it?” Critics can only exercise their opinion about what they see from the outside in, but never the inside out. Watt knows his true reason for going there and he’s going to shock the league.

On February 12th, Watt posted a video on Instagram stating his release saying, “I came here 10 years ago, a kid from Wisconsin who had never been to Texas before…now I can’t imagine my life without Texas in it.” That statement alone shows maturity, leadership, and true courage–all characteristics of Watt before and after he’d gotten in the league. Not many people remembered the day he got drafted first round and 11th pick. The fans booed and talked down on him yet he still strived to be the best on the field eventually earning the fans love and respect.

The reasons for Watt asking to be released were due to the lack of wins and falling short in the playoffs; as if Watt put in all of his work year after year just to get nowhere. The fans were still there for them in the downfalls yet Watt wasn’t feeling the energy being there. As time went on within the past 2020 season, Watt would apologize to his teammate(s) and organization saying, “I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this; we’re better than this.” Watt saw the potential the organization had, but at his age the time frame would never catch up. Ongoing he’s free agency, people said he would go to the Bills, the Packers or the Steelers. Meanwhile Watt knew his plan all along.

Recently, Watt signed a two year $31 million deal with Arizona, with $23 million guaranteed. Some people can say that he made a bad choice or the wrong decision, but at the end of the day Watt knows what he’s doing. With the upcoming stars on Arizona’s defense, like Buddha Baker, Isaiah Simmons, Chandler Jones, and the great Patrick Peterson–not to mention the diamonds coming out of this upcoming draft–you can bet that Watt was fully aware that the team is truly going to be a force to be reckoned with.

So what do you think the upcoming season will look like for Watt? Will he make it to a far playoff run and possibly a championship, or will he fall short to the task? Let me know something. Hit me up at either one of my social media accounts.


By Jaden Stewart, Senior, Perspectives Charter School

Twitter: @Smartguy_239 / Instagram: Smartguy239

Written by Jaden Stewart

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