Joakim Gives Back To Chicago

Retired Bull, Joakim Noah, recently returned to the Chi for his One City Tournament, a youth basketball event for teens and young adults. / Photos: Christopher Lockridge

Joakim Noah brought Chicago together this past weekend with his One City Tournament. The tournament took place at 167 N. Green on the 17th floor. The team featured four teams which was all teens from Chicago that work with non-profit organizations.

The first game started around 10:30 am and it was Contextos vs Englewood Heros. Englewood was looking strong throughout the game but Contextos came back and won 63-50 at the end of regulation which advanced them to the finals. Next was Circle Foundation vs Our Hope is Unity. Circle Foundation ended up taking the game by a blowout.

While each team got a chance to rest, Noah had food made for everyone there to enjoy. He also held a press conference with Brandon Johnson. Noah stated, “I want to give back to Chicago. Being in Chicago with the Bulls, and now I’m retired, I want teens and young adults to be able to have something to do and stay safe.” After an hour of down-time the finals kicked off between Contextos and Circle Foundation with Contextos winning it all.


By Christopher Lockridge

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Written by Christopher Lockridge

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