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Jonylah Forever


Many of us are not strangers to the risky antics of Lupe Fiasco. A well-respected artist that represents his Chicago roots to the fullest, he managed to show everyone the calmer side of himself. Over the past week we have all been devastated by the fatal shooting of  6 month old Jonylah Watkins. He released a song in dedication to Jonylah titled Jonylah Forever, some lyrics from his third verse were:

And saw a man and a van and a bleeding baby in his hands
Fading fast, but you knew she could survive
Did everything you could to keep this girl alive
Stabilized until the ambulance arrived
And in that moment, where you gave your help
I bet you didn’t know that you saved yourself



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This story among the many others of young people losing their lives to senseless violence touches the hearts of many of us. It has been said that children are meant to bury their parents, but lately, more parents have been burying their children.


Written by meliah


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