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Juice WRLD’s Latest Is Proof ‘Legends Never Die’

At the end of the day I still thank God for everything that, you know, He’s put in front of me

But this materialistic money stuff don’t really mean nothin’, like, you know my relationship is good, I got money, but there’s still other issues to talk about other than heartbreak (Right)

You’ve got anxiety, you’ve got substance abuse, you’ve got, you know, and it’s a lot of issues in the world to talk about …

Before I get up out of here, I wanna tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to, period

As long as you work hard, give it your all and don’t listen to what anybody got to say, it’s your world, you can do what you want, on bro, period

Always remember that, I love every single last one of y’all, everybody get home safe, gang, gang” 

The opening of Juice WRLD’s last and posthumous album can give you chills on the track “Anxiety (Intro).” His voice was almost unexpected, not because of his message, but because you realize this is the voice of a beloved artist who was taken from the world too soon. The rapper died last December at the age of 21 from what was ruled as an accidental drug overdose.

I believe this posthumous album that was created and finished in his honor was done beautifully. Not only do fans receive a polished album, but a more mature sound that resonates from Juice’s musical direction for his album “Legends Never Die.”

According to, “Five of the 17 songs chart in the Hot 100’s top 10, as Juice WRLD becomes just the third act in the chart’s 62-year history to score at least that many songs in the region simultaneously, joining only The Beatles and Drake.” Not only did Juice Wrld speak into existence that “Legends Never Die,” he has truly become the epitome of a legend by breaking records even from heaven. His album had the biggest debut week of 2020 with over 500 million streams.

With starred Apple Music favorite hits on his album of tracks which include “Conversations,” “Titantic,” “Blood on My Jeans,” “Hate the Other Side,” “Come & Go,” and “Wishing Well,” Juice reminds us why his legacy will never be forgotten. “Conversations” is a personal favorite of mine as his eccentric switch up beats compliments his flowing bars. He raps about dealing with the struggles of his demons, drugs, and anxiety. However, he isn’t going down without a fight to the issues that demand his daily attention. “The devil hit my phone, he wanna talk. But I’m not really up for conversations.”

With the outro of “Legends Never Die” almost bringing me to tears, I know that die hard fans of Juice held on to his voice for as long as they could.

“I’m actually FaceTimin’, not FaceTimin’, I’m slow

I’m on Instagram Live from heaven, huh

I made it y’all, I’m up here, I’m boolin’

Haha, I love y’all to death, um

I couldn’t ask for better fans or supporters

For sure, I love all y’all to death, 999, forever

The party never ends”

“The party never ends” is a notorious line said by Juice that’s been incorporated in other tracks and performances. When you listen to his last intimate moments on his track, you can almost hear the smile in his voice as he speaks. And that is almost enough to not focus on the pain of his death, but of the afterlife and impact that he created. That he’s still here. His spirit and soul. The party never ends.

And legends, truly, never die.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

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