Julian Bell Is “The Next” Superstar


If you’ve seen the CW’s new show last week, then you are familiar with Julian Bell. He performed “Waiting On The World To Change” on “The Next,” a show about celebrity mentors that move into your life and prepare you for a big show. The show in Chicago took place at The Vic and the mentors included John Rich, Gloria Estefan, Nelly, and Joe Jonas who took on the role and mentored Julian.

“I got to work with Joe Jonas which was awesome. I got to hang out with him a lot. Just poke his brain. Just take away some things he learned from all the stuff he [has] done and just put it to use when I have the show. He talked to me a lot about confidence and just going out there and dong what you can do. And he’s done a lot; just asking him about his performance techniques. You know, just go out there and do the best you can do and just believe in yourself.”

Aside from the show, Julian Bell, is working on his EP.

“An EP is like a shorter album, it’s not a full length album. So, this one is going to have five songs. I’m releasing the single this week. And yeah, so that’s going to be coming up. I’m working on a show. I haven’t announced it yet. I have a show coming up soon in October. And just waiting to see what happens with ‘The Next.”

Bell says he can bring a unique style to the music business. “My sound is a pop/rock blend with some soul influence I would say. So, if you think like, John Mayer, some John Legend in there. Yeah, I just listen to so many different [things]; so it’s kind of just like my spin, my take on the stuff that I like and it’s a lot of stuff. But, hopefully, it’s easy to digest and listen to”

So, be looking out for Julian Bell. His music is available on YouTube and Soundcloud. And if you missed his performance on “The Next,” here it is:



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