Just Say No!

Don’t let your boo pressure you into sex

Having a boyfriend can be somewhat a tad bit stressful. Especially if that boyfriend of yours is continuously going on about how he wants to have sexual intercourse with you. Even though it is a common thing for teenagers to want to “freak,” it is definitely something that shouldn’t happen before you are ready to deal with the consequences that come with the act.

More than likely your boyfriend will keep pestering you on the matter. Whether it’s straight up continuing to ask, making subliminals, or using the guilt trip – “If you loved me you would do it.” Yeah……. NO! One of those tactics always seems to work. Ultimately, most give in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s because you got tired of him asking, you’re scared he’s going to find somebody else, or if the old guilt trip finally worked. Either way it goes, it’s wrong. If he loved you like he says he does, or even likes you, then he would wait until it happens naturally.

Society and the environment around you can play a part in peer pressuring you into sex. You’ll see or hear about other people doing “it” and you’ll think it’s high time for you to do “it” too. That isn’t right either.

It’s very important that you wait. Especially with everything going around nowadays. In addition to the possibility of getting pregnant, there are all types of diseases out there to worry about. The easiest way to stay clear of STDs and becoming a teen parent would simply be to wait.

That being said, be cautious and don’t let anyone or anything pressure you into having sexual intercourse before you are ready. It is definitely something that shouldn’t be rushed. Especially because there is a chance that you would regret it somewhere further down the line. If you’re not ready, just remember to always so no.


By Miesha Presley, Junior, Kenwood Academy

Facebook @Mimii Mosley


Written by TrueStar Staff

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