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#JusticeForJanise 3 Girls Arrested

Chi-Town has made nation headlines again. This time it’s because a group of young females recently jumped a girl with special needs and posted it for laughs. On July 22 the live was posted to Facebook. In the grainy video a bunch of girls beat up Janise Harris, a 15-year-old girl with a mental disability. While the reason behind the jumping is very vague some believe that the incident had something to do with Harris calling the police because she was allegedly raped. The whole thing is very messy and much of it played out online.

When the girls decided to go live, they got reactions that they didn’t see coming. They meant for the incident to be funny but the world took it as disrespectful. The females were catching all types of heat especially from the young Black community of Chicago and many adults. People were so angry at the fact that they jumped on a girl with special needs, someone who couldn’t defend themselves and didn’t want to fight. After the backlash from the video and the fight making it to local news Harris briefly went missing the next day.

All though she was found hours later and seemed fine, it still doesn’t justify what happened. I, as well as others, believe that the girls should get some type of lawful punishment for their actions. I personally think that they deserve more than threats from other people because at the end of the day, even though it made them rethink their actions, the shame isn’t enough.

Think about if that was your sister or friend you saw being beat in the video. What exactly would you want to happen to the girls and boys involved? Me? I would want legal action to take place. However, some people may not feel the same way. The police, however are investigating the case, and, ABC News recently reported that three of the girls have been arrest. Hopefully all the people involved will be punished. It’s safe to say we all want #JusticeForJanise.


By Miesha Presley, Junior, Kenwood Academy

Facebook @Mimii Mosley


Written by TrueStar Staff

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