Justin Beiber Remixes Drake’s “One Dance”

At this point, it’s obvious that “One Dance” has made its mark as one of the hottest songs of 2016 and has proved to be a hit… I mean it is a Drake single, what else would it be?

Even though the song was already perfect, Drake had Justin Beiber hop on the track for a remix and premiered it on OVO sound radio courtesy of Apple Music.

Justin did not ruin the song by any means! I love what he did with the song- I wouldn’t necessarily say adding him made the song better, because the song was already a 10/10 but if the song could get better, it just did.

Putting the Beibs on the track just gave this already uber-popular track even more exposure. I’m  not used to hearing JB on these type of beats, but he really did it justice and you know it has to be good because I love Drake and this song did not need to be touched so for me to appreciate this remix says a lot.


Check it out here! Once again, Canada is holding down the music scene!



Written by Ciera


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