Justin Bieber Runs From The Paparrazi & Into The Law


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The debate surrounding Justin Bieber’s latest run in with the cops is ‘whether or not celebrities should just realize that loss of privacy comes with such a high-profile profession’. Bieber was pulled over Friday for speeding on a Los Angeles freeway and when the cops pulled him over he explained that the paparazzi had been chasing him. Seeming not to care much about the superstars’ safety the cops let the singer go with only a ticket causing him to call back into the authorities to make a second claim. This time he originally gave a fake name hoping for more to be done regarding his safety.

In the 911 call you can hear the singer downplaying his super stardom saying that his last name is ‘Johnson’ and that he is on the way to his ‘work’ not mentioning that it was a set to shoot his latest music video. (source & more info)

take a listen to the rather extensive 911 call after the jump…


What do you think, do you agree with the policemen who said that you lose your right of privacy when you become a celebrity?

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