Kamala Or Cory?

Who’s Best Suited To Be The Next Prez?

The news about the potential presidential candidates is interesting to say the least. Not only is there a Black woman running, Kamala Harris, but we have a brother in the mix as well, Cory Booker. Both have come out hitting the ground running, making it very clear that the past two years with our current president, has been an utter catastrophe. Now let me just give you the rundown of what Harris and Booker have to offer.

Senator Cory Booker has caught the attention of several voters gaining a new title of a real life Superman, from his heroic ventures of running into burning buildings and saving women to his non-profit organization that provides legal services to low-income families.

It’s no secret that our current leadership lacks in every department that would make him a leader. In every place Trump is lacking, Senator Booker has a plan.

  1. Healthcare: Booker has been a proud supporter of Obamacare and has stated on numerous occasions that healthcare is a right for all. He does not feel low income citizens should be denied healthcare.
  2. Economy: In 2018 Booker introduced a bill, Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act, that would create a three-year pilot program where the Department of Labor would choose 15 areas across the country and provide every adult in that area a job that pays at least $15/hr.
  3. Immigration: In 2018 Senator Booker helped introduce the Keep Families Together Act, a bill meant to prevent families from being separated at the U.S./Mexican border.
  4. Women: He is a powerful advocate for equal pay for men and women in the workplace, and he has even proclaimed himself as a feminist.
  5. Gun Policy: Booker believes in the expansion of background checks on gun safety legislations.

There a number of other issues Senator Booker plans to tackle if elected, such as taxes, income and wealth distribution, and criminal justice reform. Much like Senator Harris, Booker has taken a firm stance on our legal justice system, and he believes that the system should be designed to keep us safe and not continue to “shuffle more children into cages and coffins.”

Booker’s opposer, Senator Kamala Harris announced that she will be running for president 2021 election before Senator Booker. There has been online chatter about Senator Harris investing into private prisons and making quite the profit off of them. If you know how private prisons are ran then you can understand how detrimental and problematic this sounds, especially if she has been raving on about providing more justice for Black and Brown people alike.

During her career as attorney general of California, Harris did not use her authority to investigate allegations of police brutality. She even opposed legislation that would require further investigation into fatal police shootings and fought to keep criminals incarcerated even when there was evidence of wrongful convictions.

However, according to Huffington Post, Senator Harris has made criminal justice reform one of her main issues. She has been encouraging states to reform their bail systems, which trap low income defendants in jail before their trial simply for their inability to post bail. She also stresses that incarcerated women need to be treated with more respect and dignity.

Recently, Senator Harris kicked off her 2020 campaign with a rally in her hometown Oakland, Cali. And during this rally it seems she tried to be somewhat more relatable to “skin folk.” Even her campaign logo pays tribute to Shirley Chisholm.

Her platform mainly consists of criminal justice reform, Medicare for all (because let’s just get real for a minute health insurance isn’t a privilege, it’s a right), the need to respond to opioid crisis as a public health emergency, and addressing the issue that climate change is not “science fiction.” I think we all know who said that and there is no need to address him in this article.

Here’s hoping that these two candidates come correct and do not disappoint, because I am not too sure how much more disappointment America can take.


By Vernita Bediako, Mizzou Alumna

Twitter: @bediakoabena / Instagram: @rastaxgoddes / Blog:


Written by TrueStar Staff

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