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Karrueche Tran is doing her thing and standing by her man. In a recent interview with Global Grind’s BlogXilla, she had a lot to say. She dished out on her haters,  her love with Chris Brown, and even her clothing line. When speaking about CB, she stated:

It’s different and it’s something that a lot of people won’t and will never understand, which is why I get so much flack and so much hate because looking from the outside in it looks messy. Nobody knows the real story and nobody knows what I went through. Sometimes I hold back from tweeting certain things. Sometimes you’re emotional and you want to tweet a lyric or whatever it may be, sometimes I can’t do that because if I do it’s, ‘Oh this means this and that and she must be going through this…’ It’s like, what the hell.

Obviously there are those who like her and those who don’t.Want to know how she feels about the ones who don’t?

It’s kind of hard and annoying because these people just say whatever they want. Anything I do they are like, ‘You couldn’t launch your line, you’re a dumb b! You’re whack.’ Just stupid stuff that’s just like you can’t even spell my name or say my name first of all. But, I try my best to ignore it and look on the positive side because at the end of the day, they don’t know who I am and they’re judging me based off of their own opinion so I just try and stay on the positive side.

She even talked about her clothing line, The Kill, and it’s delay.

Last year we wanted to do this really cool launch on 12/12/12 and that was in the very, very beginning stages of my line. Like I said it’s been much more work than I expected. So we thought that we could get it out by 12/12/12 with this awesome launch…I had to take a seat and chill out and make sure everything was set in order. It’s been a year and unfortunately it hasn’t completely launched but we’ve made so much progress and I’m so happy with where we’re at and how the line has turned out and the clothes and everything, but I’d rather make sure things are right than rushed.

She’s a very humble person. She stated, “It’s messed up what they say but that’s made me stronger and it’s built me into who I am today and I am completely fine with that.” Karrueche Tran will be spending her new years with her boo, Chris Brown, in rehab for New Years!

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Written by Eri Loves


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