KD Will Soon Be Free

Will Kevin Durant stay a Warrior or pursue his other options?

The 2019 offseason will no doubt be one of the biggest offseasons in recent NBA history. Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and others highlight the 2019 free agency class as players that are likely to be in a free agency frenzy and could switch teams. But none of those names are as attractive to teams as Kevin Durant. Durant is arguably the best player in the NBA, and as such, some major teams in the NBA want to sign Durant to their team. Of course, every eligible team would love to have him, but in my opinion, there are only four legit candidates for the signing of KD.

Candidate 1: The New York Knicks. The Knicks have been one of the worst, if not the worst, team in the last five years. On their current roster, not much looks promising aside from Mitchell Robinson and Dennis Smith Jr. But, the Knicks have the money to sign not one, but two max free agents in the summer of 2019. Meaning that if KD did choose to go sign with the Knicks, he could get as much money possible while having a good chance of Irving or another star free agent to sign with Durant. Durant would likely want to play for NYC due to the massive market that is New York, the city known as the “heart of basketball.” And if KD joins a rather poor built team and leads them to a NBA title, he will be solidified as a top player of all time, which KD has said that he wants.

Candidate 2: The Los Angeles Clippers. After trading away Tobias Harris, the Clippers were expected to fall out of the playoff race. They didn’t. Coach Doc Rivers is one of the best coaches in the league and has one heck of a roster to surround KD with. If he chose the Clippers this offseason, the Clippers would likely be a NBA title contender (barring injuries) and KD would still play in a big market as the clear-cut most important player on the team. In my opinion, if KD wants to solidify his legacy while playing in a big market, the Clippers should be what he chooses.

Candidate 3: The Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are considered “dark horse” contenders for landing KD. Meaning that they’re in the running, but not very likely. So why put them on the list? Because it’s a watered down version of the Clippers situation (especially if star point guard D’Angelo Russell doesn’t return to the team), but the Nets have a great culture in Brooklyn, one of the best in the NBA. All players get along and ride together as a team. Plus Brooklyn is still a big market city who would help solidify KD’s career if he does big things there. While still unlikely, a KD signing to the Nets might not be as crazy as you think.

Candidate 4: The Golden State Warriors. This really only happens if the Warriors lose in the finals (in my eyes), which I don’t see happening. But KD loves playing in Golden State and could keep racking up trophies with the team if he stayed. Main issue being KD’s money and legacy, but he may like easier championships more for all we know. While we may not like this scenario, this could likely be the outcome in the 2019 offseason.

Keep an eye out for Kevin Durant this summer. Surprises may be in store.


By Hugo Vazquez, Junior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram: @sadbullsfan14 / Snapchat: hugovbrooks


Written by TrueStar Staff

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