Keep Hope Alive For Brittney

Russian courts denied 9-year sentence appeal

Brittney Griner embraces her friend coach Dawn Stanley.

Following the denial of the basketball star’s 9-year sentence appeal, Brittney Griner remains in a Russian prison, sparking sadness in family and fans alike.

Many feel that she was wrongly detained and there isn’t enough being done to get her released.

“This appeal is further certification that BG is not just wrongfully detained – she is very clearly a hostage,” said the Women’s National Basketball Players Association in a statement.

In past interviews, Griner’s wife, Cherelle Griner, said BG feared that people would forget about her since she’s been arrested.

“She’s like, you know, saying things to me like, ‘my life just doesn’t matter no more,’” Griner’s wife told Gale King in an interview.

Despite her beliefs that people no longer care, social media and celebrities alike have continued to voice their distaste for Griner’s current situation. Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry took time to address the situation during the team’s championship ring ceremony which fell on Griner’s 32nd birthday.

“We want to continue to make [Griner’s] name be known,” Curry said according to Yahoo! News. “We hope that she comes home soon and everybody is doing their part to get her home,” Curry continued.

WNBA Basketball Hall of Famer and coach Dawn Stanley has made it her mission to keep thoughts of Griner on people’s minds. Every single day, Stanley puts out a tweet honoring Griner, her “sister and friend,” acknowledging the number of days she has been detailed in Russia.

“People just talk about it like it’s a thing, but it’s a human being, an American that’s over there that’s deemed wrongly detained,” Stanley told Insider. “We need to be doing everything in our powers.”

Stanley says that she will continue to advocate for Griner until her safe return home.


By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Columbia College Chicago

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