Keep Your Eyes on Aaron Kingsley Adetola

Aaron Kingsley Adetola is a young actor to watch. He has received high praise for his roles in “A Thousand and One” and “Rise.”

Eight-year-old Aaron Kingsley Adetola is a young actor on-the-rise who is a force to be reckoned with! Since age 2, Adetola has been booked and busy. With roles in projects such as Disney+’s “Rise” to his most recent film “A Thousand and One,” he is the embodiment of talent and versatility.

Before reaching double digits, he has already been honored with a nomination at this year’s NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Youth in a Motion Picture. Receiving such a nomination has been a dream for Adetola, and to achieve it so early into his acting journey is an incredible milestone. He shared that after learning the news of the nomination, he immediately went to celebrate with friends and family, going out to dinner for his all-time favorite meal:  “pizza with extra cheese and extra sauce.”

Adetola poses with writer/actress Quinta Brunson during the NAACP awards ceremony. / Adetola Instagram page

The young actor also had the opportunity to attend the award ceremony and the annual Sunday Brunch where all the nominees and presenters gathered. He said, “There were a lot of celebrities…. Did you ever hear of someone named Magic Johnson? He was at my hotel and I met him!”

Since a very young age, being on set has served as a second home for Adetola. He shared some of his favorite parts about growing up in the acting industry, and that the people on set make it all worth it. “My favorite part about being on set is being with the other actors…not just the actors but the crew too. They give me advice and they’re all nice to me and they always, always, ALWAYS, give me compliments.” The learning experiences that he has been provided have been like no other – especially on his most recent project “A Thousand and One.”

Adetola plays Teyana Taylors son in the movie “A Thousand and One.”

“A Thousand and One” follows the story of a woman named Inez (portrayed by Teyana Taylor) who kidnaps her son Terry (played by Adetola) from the foster care system. “It was just a story about a kid who wanted the right family to be with him.” Although the story touches on heavy-hitting topics, Adetola continues to find parts of himself within his character. He stated, “…he’s sometimes shy, he’s really smart, and I’m like that too.”

Aside from acting, Adetola also has his very own book series that he penned alongside his mother, titled Aaron Kingsley’s School Diaries. The Diaries follows the life of Aaron and the daily trials and tribulations of learning the ropes of first grade. Adetola is also a musician, learning how to play the guitar. What can’t this kid do?

His journey isn’t stopping here either! In the future, we can expect to see Adetola across ALL our TV screens. He plans to continue his acting career, hoping to venture out into brand-new genres. He shared a few of his dream roles. “A dream role is a comedy, because I like to be funny, and action because I love all the action and I’ll be like Spiderman… a person [he’d want to work alongside of] is Michael B. Jordan.” Film writers…you know what to do!

Keep an eye out for Aaron Kingsley Adetola! He’s coming to take over Hollywood. Be sure to keep up with Adetola by following him on Instagram.


By Avery Kelley

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Written by Avery Kelley

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