Keke’s Bossier Than Ever Before

New movie and new music has her in a new role

Baby, that’s Keke Palmer!

This legendary actress recently released a new 41-minute film called “Big Boss.” Despite the “Akeelah and The Bee” star giving birth to her first child in February, she’s remained focused on getting out her new projects, such as the music to accompany the movie, also titled “Big Boss.”

The LP, contains songs like “Love Language,” “Love Like This,” and “I Care.” According to, “it will be her first music release since her back-to-back Virgo Tendencies EPs in 2020. She dropped ‘Standards’ and ‘Waiting’ as singles this spring to tease the upcoming project.”

Beloved fans of Palmer will be pleased at her artistic release. They are able to stream and access it on her free channel/service KeyTVNetwork. This film takes a deep dive into Palmer’s massive career throughout the decades and how she’s grown along the way. There is a purposeful blend of a film and visual album that narrates Palmer’s journey throughout the music/entertainment industry. This Emmy award winning actress, who wrote and directed ”Big Boss,” got vulnerable regarding how she deals with fame. In a clip from the film she stated, “Well, I’m Hollywood people, too. That’s what people see when they see me. Too real for the Hollywood people, too Hollywood for the real people … Being different is one thing. Feeling lonely is another.”

While Palmer, a Robbins, IL, native, was interviewed live on “CBS Mornings,” she further discussed “Big Boss” and why she’s candid regarding the music industry. She stated, “From my perspective, I’ve experienced a lot of misogyny and insecurities. We all have these narratives that we tell ourselves and my first record deal at 12 years old, with Atlantic Records, told me that I would always have it hard in music. That no one would allow me to be me, so every situation mirrored that. The situations that I put myself in and the movie is about me overcoming that narrative and understanding that I’m always enough.”

Not only was Palmer experiencing the new levels of fame, she appreciated that her mother played a major role in her career and now they’re business women together. However, she acknowledged that her job became overwhelming and she felt guilt that her parents sacrificed their dreams for hers. “Big Boss” was an opportunity for Palmer to direct her own narrative. She stated, “It’s different directing yourself. I grew up on sets with people like Tyler Perry where he’s doing everything. I think that’s why I felt like I could do it and why I wanted to do it. But it is unique. I’m interested to see how it is directing when I’m not in it. When I can actually focus solely on being the director and not the actor and director… .”

Palmer has been known for keeping her authenticity throughout her well-renowned career and always being true to her beliefs. Now fans are able to see a more personable version of her life.

”It costs to be the BOSS! That’s the very fulfilling but harsh truth,” she said in an Instagram caption promoting the movie. “To get things done the way YOU want them, you have to invest. Not only your money but your time, blood, sweat, and tears without certainty that it will come back to you. I have done this time and time again but not always with confidence and not always with pride.”

Palmer was also quoted as saying,  “Everything won’t be perfect the first time but you learn each time you follow through with your desire to create something and share it with the world. Before you know it you will make masterpieces like nobody else.”

Thanks to her “Big Boss” film and music projects, fans can see Palmer boss up like never before. Watch the movie now on KeyTV and listen to the album wherever you stream music.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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