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Kelly Rowland Breaks Down While Performing “Dirty Laundry” & Bey’s Response

kelly-dirty-laundryKelly’s new song is very emotional and honest.The song talks about her “sister” doing better than her while she is stuck in an unfortunate situation with an abusive man.In the first verse she states:

While my sister was on stage, killin’ it  like a motherfucker,I was enraged,  feeling it like a motherfucker,Bird in a cage, you would never know what I was dealing with…Went our separate ways, but I was happy she was killin  it.

I know ya’ll wondering how’d you get that she was talking about Bey if she did not say any names.Keep calm, I am getting to that.She later sung:

I was battered…He hittin the window like it was me, until it  shattered…He pulled me out, he said, “Don’t nobody love you but me…Not your mama, not your daddy and especially not B.”He  turned me against my sister…I  missed ya.

Kelly and Bey had not talked for a while, before they reunited at the Superbowl. In a concert in Washington D.C, she performed this song and she broke down crying. I’m wondering if Kelly really was in an abusive relationship. This song is deep.

Ya’ll have to hear/see it for yourselves!

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Written by Eri Loves


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