Kentucky Attorney General Bashes Meg For SNL Performance

Daniel Cameron

On Saturday, rapper Megan Thee Stallion performed her hit “Savage” on SNL. In the middle of her performance, she played excerpts from both Malcolm X and activist Tamika Mallory. “Daniel Cameron is no different than the sellout Negroes that sold our people into slavery,” said Mallory in the excerpt.

During this part of her SNL performance, Meg stood in front of a screen that read, “Daniel Cameron is No Different” and “Protect Black Women.” The Malcolm X speech playing spoke of all the disrespect, neglect, and overall terrible treatment that Black women receive. “We need to protect our Black women and love our Black women. ‘Cause at the end of the day, we need our Black women,” said the “Savage” rapper.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron didn’t take to this well. While on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, he commented on the performance. “The fact that someone would get on national television and make disparaging comments about me because I’m simply trying to do my job, is disgusting,” said Cameron according to the Washington Post. It was also mentioned that he attributed the excerpt from Mallory to Meg. Cameron was also saying how Meg’s remarks “don’t hurt.” I think otherwise. If it didn’t hurt or phase him, he wouldn’t have even brought it up. (Watch the video above to see his full response.)

I’m just curious about something; why did he decide to comment on what Mallory said when Meg included it in a performance on national television and not months ago when Mallory said it and it was all over social media? Like, it went viral. Why is he placing blame on Meg? Even if the quote was her’s, nothing about it was false. I think he’s salty that he got put on blast via national TV. What was said about him seems to be a second thought.

Tamika Mallory speaks following the verdict in the Breonna Taylor case.

An unhurt, unphased person wouldn’t speak on issues that they claim don’t hurt them. It makes them look bitter and hurt when they do. Cameron even tried to make it seem like he was getting hate because he’s a Black Republican. Not the case. Nobody cares about that part. We care about the fact that the cops got off for murdering Breonna Taylor and he did nothing to contribute to bringing justice to her and her family. Maybe if he was really doing his job as he claimed, he wouldn’t have gotten called out by Meg, Mallory, or anyone else.

In other news, the investigative files from Taylor’s case were recently released. These are the same files that the public demanded to see after learning that not all of the information was present to the grand jury when it came to deciding the fate of the officers involved in Taylor’s killing. It’s safe to say that the probability of Cameron making headlines once all the files are read is very likely.

He probably won’t like that publicity either.


By Cierra Lemott, Freshman, Columbia College Chicago

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