Keyshia Cole Refuses To Open For The Weeknd?!


Keyshia Cole who is a native of Oakland, California was recently invited by Oakland’s local hip-hop/R&B station KMEL to open up a concert for The Weeknd but she refused! Keyshia was furious and stated the following on Twitter as her reasons for refusing “@KMEL has the nerve to tell me at the last-minute they want me to open for the Weeknd. Then @106kmel tells us at last-minute if I don’t then there’s no show! Then still uses my name when I refuse! I feel so f-cking disrespected,” She also stated that she has no disrespect for The Weeknd but she also said that as a native of Oakland there should be no reason for her to be an opening act at a concert, she MUST be the main act.  What are your thoughts on the situation? Was this disrespectful on KMEL’s part or Keyshia’s part? Should The Weeknd be offended? Post your comments below!!

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