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Kezo Brown Is Back! Family ABA League Gives Chicago Players A New Platform

Rising Chicago basketball star Kezo Brown has had a long and tough journey to get to where he is now, but it’s all going to pay off. Stars like him don’t come often, since many fall off on the way to the top or just give up because the road is too hard. But not Kezo. Despite being shot five times back in March, he has persevered and continues to play basketball. Many people in his life have been a huge inspiration to him, including his biggest inspiration–his father. Mr. Marquis Brown, a great man who I had the honor of speaking to, is doing great things for his son, and the city of Chicago as a whole.

Brown has started his very own ABA basketball team, the Chicago Angels, alongside the co-owner, Donald Johnson. The three men, along with Coach Trash, shared with TSL their inspiration for the team, what they hope to accomplish, and much more.

TrueStar.Life: What inspired you to start a basketball league? 

Marquis Brown: Kezo was the biggest reason me and my cousin Donald Johnson decided to buy an ABA franchise, because once he got shot five times I didn’t want to wait to have to find a platform for him to play. I wanted to create a team where we also could get out in the community, talk with kids, and do mental health programs, and drug, gang and gun violence initiatives.

Starting this team would also give us the opportunity to help other young men to reach their goals and their dreams and inspirations, as far as playing ball overseas or continuing their professional career.

TSL: How much do you think this team will impact your son, Kezo, both as a player and a person?

MB: I think this is a great opportunity for him to come back on the stage and show everybody that he’s back and that he’s willing to do the right thing and also become a staple in the community as far as talking about gun violence and mental health and inspiring other young kids and other teens to reach their dreams and their goals.

TSL: How do you plan on turning this group of athletes into a winning team?
Donald Johnson: You want to start with a winning program, and the way you do that is by seeing how you treat these individuals. We want to treat them right, pay them on time. We want to explain to our coaches that we want to discipline them but we also want to have fun and create an environment where it’s very stable. Once we send these kids overseas, we want to get the next group up… We want the Chicago Angels to be one of the biggest teams ever.

TSL: How do you think that this basketball league will impact Chicago?

DJ: We have a lot of off-the-court activities planned. We have some anti-gang and anti-drug violence policies in place. We’ll be hopefully working with Mayor Lightfoot to try to combat some of the violence. We have a lot of initiatives planned; it’s just getting the financial backing and corporate sponsorships. That’ll help a whole lot.

TSL: How much of an impact has your dad had on your journey?

Kezo Brown: That’s everything. I used to watch his games and tapes and put that together and turned it into my game.

TSL: What does being a part of this team mean to you?

KB: Being a part of this team means a lot to me because it’s giving me another chance to show the world how good I am, and I belong with some of the best in the world.

TSL: What has your physical and mental recover been like to get you back in the game?

KB: My physical and mental is a struggle at times, but I’m good. God has blessed me to still be alive and be a testament for other people. I believe, “If Kezo can u can.” I’m truly thanking God to allow me to still be able to play this beautiful game called basketball.

TSL: What are your hopes for this team?

KB: I hope we can win the championship and turn non-believers into believers. I’ve been a winner all my life, so that’s the only way I can do it.

TSL: What’s your message to all other young rising stars who want to be in the NBA one day?

Kezo: Just go with whatever your mind tells you as far as dreaming and making it into the NBA.

TSL: How do you plan on turning this group of athletes into a winning team?

Coach Trash: Well, first of all, we’re going to come together as a family. Unity is the first thing you need and you need a brotherhood. We have dinner together, we take trips together, and everyone pulling their goals out, and that’s why I believe unity makes a team.


Kezo’s supporting cast has and will help shape him for an amazing future and career, hopefully one day in the NBA. Their group seems to be a very solid one, and they’re just getting started.

Marquis Brown is look for players 18 and older to come try out to be a part of the Chicago Angels. Players who make the team will be paid between $100-$300 per game for 10 games at home and 10 games away. Tryouts will be August 3rd and September 14th at Infinity High School on the Little Village campus located at 3120 S. Kostner from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. 

To contact Brown call 708-297-0887, visit the website at, or visit the team’s Instagram page @chicagoangelsteam, and their Twitter page @AngelsChicago.


By Angel Brito, College of the Holy Cross, Freshman

Instagram: brito.angel35

Written by Angel Britocastro

I'm a big tech and sports head, just ask my house.

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