Kiss Or Diss: What Kind Of Bae Do You Have?


Ever wondered if you are dating a good guy or not? Sometimes your boyfriend tends to do things that make you suspicious as to how serious he is about your relationship. He could tell you something that doesn’t add up or never pay enough attention to you. Here are some helpful tips to help you distinguish what kind of guy you are dating.

Good Boyfriend Traits

You know you got a good man if he is attentive, protective, mysterious, and honest. Listening is one of the key points of making a relationship last. He should be protective of you. Women love it when their bae is a bit aggressive when it comes to them.  He should let everyone else know you are his girl and no one else can have you. Don’t be boring either. Make sure to surprise her with gifts or simply show how much you care in various ways. Girls love the attention. More importantly be honest. No one wants to date a liar. You still have to tell the truth even if it hurts. The truth rules out the pain. Rather be safe than sorry right?


Bad Boyfriend Traits

You know you need to dump your man if he is disrespectful, secretive, lying, or can’t admit his faults. Your bae should always be respectful. It doesn’t matter if you make him upset or not. He is suppose to respect you because you are his equal. If you can’t trust your boyfriend then there is no reason to be with him.



Written by Jazlynn Williams

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