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Ladies Are Lovin’ Jalen

Essence cover boy gets lots of love

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts shares his love for Black women in new issue of Essence.

Although football may not be every woman’s favorite sport in the world, a lot of women have realized they have a lot in common over a specific interest in the NFL realm. The new Essence cover boy and Philadelphia Eagles OQ, Jalen Hurts, has Black women on social media in a frenzy deeming him “a classic 90’s fine” that doesn’t get made anymore.

In the new issue of Essence, fans are finally able to get a glimpse into the intricate mind of Hurts. Topics up for discussion include his immense work ethic that got him where he is now as the highest paid player in NFL history on a per year basis (a 5-year extension signed worth $255 million), the Houston native’s family, and his love for Black women. According to, “Jalen Alexander Hurts—in addition to his athletic and leadership abilities, his ambition and his physical beauty—loves to, as he puts it, ‘keep the main thing the main thing.’ One of his main things is the role Black women play in his life. Hurts often reminds folks that while he did not grow up in church, there are other ways to find faith. ‘I love me some Granny Cindy,’ a smiling Hurts says of the grandmother with whom he often FaceTimes. Then he pulls back his hoodie and tilts up his cap. His eyes are bright and engaged. ‘She’s the staple in my spirituality. She’s always the one like, ‘Ask God for what you want. Ask God for what you need. He knows, but it’s okay to say it in prayer.’ ”

Hurts personally requested Essence, a legendary and tasteful Black women’s publication, to do his cover. As Essence states, “Not only is he clear on his destiny, he knows having Black women in his corner will help him win.” Hurts further touches on the strong Black women in his life and how he doesn’t hide them. He makes it clear that although he isn’t married, he is spoken for. Bryonna Burrows, Hurt’s girlfriend, has a career as an IT professional and is a member of the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Since they both attended The University of Alabama, they’ve been on their dating journey since. According to, “The relationships Hurts has with Black women extend from the personal to the professional—including the fact that his first cover story as a pro athlete is with a magazine that has been in service to Black women since 1970. And Hurts’s alliance with his agent is historic. In addition to being president of football at large for Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports Group, Lynn (Nicole Lynn) is the first woman of any race to represent a Super Bowl starting quarterback.”

Although Hurts is not on the market, that hasn’t stopped the massive and overwhelming amount of support that he’s garnered from Black women on social media platforms since the release of his cover. As Hurt’s career continues to rise, I’m sure that the amount of support will only increase. Black women need to remember that we’re often the “key” and perspective needed to give our Black men support. While some cases may vary, it is still true that behind every great Black man is a great Black woman.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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