Ladies, Take The Stress Out Of Senior Year

Class of 2020, we finally made it and honestly it‘s going to be one eventful year. We’ve got prom, graduation, senior luncheon, and so much more, but once the school year starts and that responsibility kicks in that excitement starts to die down. We’re hit with all of these tasks that we have to complete so that we can actually graduate. Senior year is supposed to be this chill, fun time but now we have to worry about grades and graduation requirements. The year ahead is going to have some tense moments, but you can get through it. Here are three ways to help you avoid some major stresses during this time.

Start College Apps and Essays Early

During the summer, sometimes you can find yourself doing nothing but sitting at home eating and watching TV. Instead you can be doing something productive like starting your college applications and your essays. Most colleges use the Common App, so you can get started with your profile and find out what essay prompt you’re going to use for your personal statement. Starting these early will help you in the long run because once the school’s application is open you will only have to worry about your recommendations and financial aid then press submit. You can even ask someone you trust to help critique your essay so it won’t end up looking you just threw something together. Starting on these things early will definitely give you a leg up on your classmates, and it’s one more stressful thing you can get off your shoulders.

Get Recommendations Before Everybody Else

Now we all know that teachers and counselors work on their own time. They have hundreds of kids to teach and write recommendations for so many students. Why not ask them to write a recommendation before everyone else. Try asking your teacher or counselor at the end of junior year or during the summer because it’s break and they have a lot more time on their hands other than during the school year. During the school year they probably have five or six other kids trying to get recommendations, and their own class of students to worry about, in addition to trying to have a personal life. So, it’s going to be stressful on them as well and you don’t want to be sitting around in February or March still waiting on a rec letter. It’s crucial to try and get this done early so it’s out of the way and you can focus on the other important things.

Plan Important Outfits Before Hand

Now ladies, you know that it takes weeks and weeks to find the perfect outfit for the senior luncheon, prom, and graduation so why don’t you plan out your outfits now. Start looking and budgeting your prom stuff first, like if you’re going to have a send off or how much you’re willing to spend for a dress. You can even start looking in the summer because we all know that the good dresses get sold first and there are a lot of stores that have really good deals on prom dresses. Then you can start looking for luncheon and graduation outfits because they’re easy to plan and you’ll spend less time worrying about them. You should also start thinking about graduation cap designs. Planning these things beforehand can lift a huge weight off your shoulders because all you have to do is your make-up and then you’re out the door.

Senior year can either be really stressful or really laid back and calm. Hopefully these few tips can help make the coming months stress-free and fun.


By Allana Green, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep



Written by TrueStar Staff

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