Lala Anthony’s New Book: Love Playbook


She’s a television personality, mom,basketball wife, actress,and now she’s an author. Just recently Lala debuted the cover of her new book,  Love Playbook. Last week Carmelo and Lala celebrated 10 years of a relationship and three years of a healthy marriage. So how does she keep her marriage together while traveling, working on her television show ,and constantly multi tasking? Well you’ll have to read the book for yourself as it discusses love, sex, and happiness.PLEASE don’t read the book just to be nosy about her sex life. I highly doubt that she’s putting real details in it.

She’s helping relationships all over the world as she offers advice on how to keep it all together. It is kind of like Love Chronicles. The book will be in stores Jan 28, 2014 and will be  published by Penguin Group publisher Celebra. She’s really excited about the book and I’m sure it’ll sell well. I’ll buy it but won’t read it right away. Don’t judge me–I’m a college student with three jobs! I’ll have to find time to work Lala in my schedule.[LOL] However, I am really curious to know how she does it. I envy her and Carmelo because they are so cute together.

Pick it up and support peeps. Don’t forget that reading is fundamental!

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Written by Eri Loves


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