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Last Words: Father To Son (Not Based On Actual Events)


How you doing? I know you like your new home. Nothing much out here has changed, just young cats out here tryna act grown. I quit my job just to let you know, I wanna see the world and explore.

Your mom misses you, she tried calling the other day. I told her you had a new number since your life line was changed.

It’s still hard for your sis, she went out last night and didn’t come in till 6. She’s only 13, eyes low and she smelled foul. She said smoking weed is the only way to stay in the “in” crowd.

I couldn’t do anything, I feel like I failed, losing you to gun violence and losing her to the streets I call hell.

What is left?

What can I do?

I feel like if you’re gone we’re gonna have to leave too.

Your older brother bought a new toy, the same one that killed you. Hope he doesn’t use it like Adam Lanza did at that grammar school. He says it’s for protection, but that’s an excuse. Black boys use it for power cuz the minds been abused.

I miss you so much, I know you’re up there having fun. I was reading some of your raps, seems like you had alot of good ones. Well I have a surprise for you, I’m gonna see you soon. I’ve packed all my stuff and told your mom and sis too.

This letter is all I wanted to write so everyone knew how close we were. They can’t break our bond and take what we had before. I hope you’re not mad I just wanted to see you soon. God took you for a reason cuz he knew the world wasn’t right for you. So, I love you son and that’s nothing new, I got your brother’s toy with me….R.I.P


– You never know what you have, until it’s gone. Cherish your friends, family and loved ones. Give them a positive message, when you know they don’t have one. Reach out to those that need an extra hug, cuz when you are down and out, you’ll need that love.

Written by BB


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