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Learn The Name “In-Zo”

Local Artist Focuses On The Kid In Us All

His name is In-Zo and he is a dynamic artist based out of Chicago who creates what he calls “non-classifiable” artwork. He is right about his work. It is fascinating and can’t be put into a box. The different aspects and levels make it impossible to label him as a specific type of artist. Nowadays, art has been reduced to being minimalistic while attempting to be deep. In-Zo’s art just seems so familiar. You can recognize his subjects and feel like you have a connection with the piece as a whole.

The work from his new collection, KID’N US, shows what made up the “KID” in In-Zo and it was pretty relatable. I found myself staring at one of his pieces for minutes looking to try and figure out the different characters he used. He pulled from childhood favorites such as Star Wars, Naruto, Transformers, Super Mario, and Dragon Ball Z. He also found inspiration in junk food and candy that he enjoyed the most as a kid. The product was amazing and it really caught the essence of childhood. Walking around the exhibit was a blast to the past. Seeing all the cartoons and personalities that filled my Saturday mornings made me appreciate my childhood. It made me reminisce and think about how enjoyable that time was.

This is exactly what In-Zo envisioned. According to him, this collection is supposed to bring out that inner child in each and every one of us. His artwork is supposed to show that as an adult, self-actualization can happen and one can realize their childhood’s influence on their life. This powerful message is important, and In-Zo is taking the necessary steps to spread this. He is working to develop characters and art to take everyone back to when things were joyful and less complicated.

The KID’N US exhibition is where In-Zo introduced his new character “INOJI” which is a character from the world of the kid in In-Zo. When I asked him about this launch and his intentions with this character, he said, “INOJI is bigger than Nintendo, it’s bigger than mainstream art. I want everybody to see it, because it represents something new and different.”

In-Zo has games, animation, and all kinds of other things in the making to show the world his characters and creations. He has gotten major sponsors from brands like Epson, Virgin Hotels, and Magnolia Screen Printing which shows that his potential is being recognized and he is being given the tools to create something innovative. It isn’t looking like he is going to disappoint either.

The debut of the exhibition has ended, but if you are interested in seeing In-Zo’s work up close it will be on display at Virgin Hotel beginning Dec. 1st.

There is determination and drive in In-Zo’s voice when he talked about his work, and he isn’t going to stop putting in work until he does something legendary.

By Kyla Hubbard, Junior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Instagram: @kyy.r

Photo Credit: Cody Mack

Kyla Hubbard

Written by Kyla Hubbard

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