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LeBron Shows #GirlDad Love In Daughter Zhuri’s Demo

LeBron and Zhuri James

Cuteness overload alert! Basketball star LeBron James’ five-year-old daughter has her own YouTube channel. In a recent video James’s daughter Zhuri is joined by her famous father as they teach viewers how to make peanut butter power balls.

This was the most adorable thing ever as the #GirlDad took a backseat as the assistant chef allowing his daughter to choose ingredients and helping her mix them together. You can tell they have a dynamic relationship as he sings songs such as “Row Row Row Your Boat” while mixing for her and gently teaching her how to do so. He affectionately tells her, “Whatever you want. It’s your world squirrel,” as she contemplates what ingredients to add to the bowl. It’s honestly refreshing to see a video like this on YouTube. Oftentimes we forget that celebrities are regular people with families and lives. Being able to have an inside look at this daddy-daughter duo mixing it up in the kitchen is definitely heartwarming.

The video has blown up, gaining 1 million views since it’s release earlier this month. Zhuri currently has 115k subscribers which I’m sure will keep growing.

I think it’s wonderful that she has her own channel and I’m sure that James will be supporting her all the way. Check out the adorable video of Zhuri and James cooking and give it a big thumbs up.


By Monique Petty-Ashmeade, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @writerinthedakr


Written by TrueStar Staff

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