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LeBron Pays It Forward With A Promise

Can you really not like LeBron James after hearing about his most recent project? The LeBron James Family Foundation has partnered with Akron Schools to create a school called I Promise School which recently opened to 240 third and fourth grade student. According to USA Today, the school will open next year to second and fifth graders then expanding every year to go from grades 1 through 8 by the year 2022.

This school is located in Akron, OH, which is James’ hometown. Everyone always talks about how people with a lot of money don’t do anything for their community and forget where they came from once they have became rich and famous. This isn’t the case for James though.

A few details about the I Promise School:

  • It is targeted to help students who are behind on their reading level.
  • It is already a certified STEM school.
  • It provides job placement assistance for parents.
  • It has an onsite food bank.
  • It guarantees free college tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates starting in 2021.
  • Every student receives FREE lunch, breakfast and snacks.
  • Every student receives FREE uniforms.
  • Every student receives a FREE bicycle in order to explore and escape the dangers of their neighborhood.

With James growing up as an at risk child himself, he is trying to make a difference for other at risk and low income students just like him in Akron. The I Promise School is a public school, which means there is no special selection like charter or voucher schools.

This is surprising because most people have started not to expect anything from celebrities from their city. An exception would be Chicago’s very own Chance the Rapper. Chance does things for the city and for Chicago Public Schools that everyone is thankful for. But much applause is due for James who is starting at the root of the problem and has come up with a solution.

Everything that could’ve helped James as a child, he is now providing to other children. He wants everyone to be able to achieve their dreams like he did despite downfalls.

Thank you Lebron James for attempting to make a change for the youth. I think this is a selfless act that his city can benefit from. Hopefully it has given other celebrities an idea on how to make a difference.


By Destini Lindsey, Sophomore, Western Michigan University

Twitter: @Destini_Lindsey

True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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