Let Self-Love Improve Your Relationships

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Self-love, or self-care, is a tool that many people use to de-stress and feel better in their lives. It’s great for relaxation and calming down. Self-love, of course, improves your relationship with yourself (it’s in the name!). But what people don’t often consider is how it improves your other relationships with significant others, friends, and family. Here are some ways it helps your relationships:


Improves Overall Stress

When you’re less stressed, you become more patient and understanding. This lets you become more able to use healthy coping skills like setting boundaries or taking time to cool down instead of having a heated argument.

Builds Communication

Practicing self-care teaches you what your needs are. When you know what your needs are, it’s easier to communicate these needs with others. This increases trust and allows yourself to rely on the other person, which makes for a better bonding experience.

People in your life are more willing to communicate with you as well. When they see that you are taking care of yourself, they will want to take care of themselves in return to create a healthy balance between the two of you.

Teaches You What’s Important to You

Practicing self-care not only increases your trust with others but also your trust with yourself. Your body becomes more relaxed when you take a warm bath or get a massage, and it learns that you will take care of it. When your body is relaxed, you’re more able to be present in your relationships with others. You get to learn what you value about the other person in a more positive light, and use this to better your relationships.

Increases Sense of Belonging and Purpose

Self-care teaches you that you are worthy of being loved by both yourself and those around you. You’ll be able to see the value in yourself and understand your wants and capabilities. It lets you show up for yourself. Your ability to say no, or “I want this instead,” is so important in your relationships!

Allows You to Recharge

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your relationships is to step back for a moment. Everybody has a different social battery, and good quality me-time is important. This lets you be able to head back into the relationship space with confidence and a clear mind.

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By Caileigh Winslade, Senior, ChiArts

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