LeToya On Beyonce Shading Kelly In Throwback Video: “What If The Girl Had To Cough?”



Have ya’ll seen the throwback video of Destiny’s child when Beyonce shaded Kelly Rowland? The video has been passed around from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and it has everyone talking. Apparently, Kelly Rowland introduced herself as the “second lead vocalist” and right after that she got some shady stares from the rest of the group and Beyonce did a shady cough. According to, LeToya Luckett didn’t think it was shade being thrown at Kelly. Check out what she had to say.:


“Everybody is like, ‘Shade for Beyoncé’s cough,’ What if the girl had to cough?” she asked. “[What Kelly said] was the truth, we really would sit there and everybody knew their role. It was a real team, like, we were team players. B was first lead; Kelly was second lead; I was soprano; Tavia was the alto and she was the spokesperson. Everybody knew their lane so no one ever stepped in anyone else’s lane. That’s how every team should work…”

“Our faces were hilarious, I did something crazy with my eyes, and now I’m like, ‘Why did I do that? That’s so mean,’ ” she said. “But I don’t think it was made, because what she said was so true, and we all knew that.”


Ok LeToya, then, why was the face made? LeToya’s face was the shadiest of them all. I definitely don’t think the video reflects their relationship today, but lets call shade, shade. They ALL were being shady towards Kelly, of course, Beyonce gets all the blame. But I’ll let you guys be the judge. Check it out:


What ya’ll think?


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