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Leveling Up: Saweetie’s Style Slays

Saweetie is giving the girls a run for their money and honestly, I couldn’t be more proud.

Saweetie dropped her known hit single “My Type” which was the perfect flow and mix to give the girls to have something to get ready to and have fun, according to her inspiration behind the track. However, while many of her fans have been obsessed with her catchy lyrics and tunes, her style has gradually been transforming in front of our eyes.

Originally, I didn’t have much background knowledge on Saweetie, aside from her “My Type” single, but that’s all changed since she’s been leveling up the fashion game with a tremendous amount of versatile looks. She has definitely become a fashion inspiration for me throughout this past year and is definitely on her way to becoming an icon. She’s definitely given credit to her stylist, Bryon Javar, on making sure every time she steps out she slays, according to her interview with Vogue Magazine.

Here are some of her best fashion looks so far into 2020.

Who else is giving the boys and girls this much dedication? This much fashion inspiration? I’ll wait. For the recent All-Star weekend in Chicago, Saweetie made her “winter” looks literally cold. I love how casual but edgy she’s paired the black shiny leather with an iconic pair of Jordan 1’s and a pricy Birkin bag. You can usually always find her with a pair of oversized vintage sunglasses to top the look and draw attention to her face more.

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new birkin her name chi chi ?

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I know Vogue was incredibly proud of this look Saweetie gave posing with their legendary magazine. This look definitely gives an elegant and classic vibe to compliment the beautiful scenery of Milan, Italy. Whites, browns, and nudes look amazing on African American skin. Saweetie reminds us why these combinations on the perfect mini coat should never go out of style for us. Peep her with her signature oversized vintage glasses for a finishing touch once again!

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Do you know how hard it is to pull off neon? Especially lime green?! Not for Saweetie. She stepped out into New York looking as confident and vibrant as ever. She’s showing enough but not too much, which gives the perfect balance of covering up and giving a slight tease. With the puffed sleeves and neon ensemble/accessories, Saweetie definitely wanted to give a look that’s unique. This look will definitely go down as one for the books.

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saucy lil bihhh @kaiminofficial

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