‘Life By Ella’ Encourages Living Life to the Fullest

The new Apple+ TV show “Life By Ella” stars Lily Brooks O’Briant.

“Life By Ella” is a brand new show that recently debuted on Apple TV+. The series embodies strength, perseverance, and courage. The show, starring Lily Brooks O’Briant (“The Big Show Show,” “The Tick”), Artyon Celestine (“Drama Club,” “Claws”), and Vanessa Carrasco (“Irreplaceable You”), tackles the day-to-day challenges of 13-year old Ella, a cancer survivor. She is working to return to her everyday life after her battle with this deadly disease. With the help of her best friends, family, and courageous mindset of never letting her fears stand in the way of her living, Ella starts to grow into a brand new person, overcoming the struggles of daily life.

Celestine, who portrays the role of Ella’s best friend, Kai, helps Ella throughout her journey of self-discovery and rising above her tough circumstances. Celestine has many similarities and differences to his character on the show and who he is in real life as well. On-screen he is more careful with his choices, while off-screen, he is bold, up for a challenge, and ready for anything life throws at him. While according to Celestine, “Kai’s not as bold and as adventurous as I am…” Kai also has a separate identity of his own, as he is currently battling his own demons while helping his best friend return to life. “He cares for people deeply, and he is willing to do anything it takes to be there for someone. And though he might have other problems going on at home, and stuff like that, he kind of just puts that behind so he can be there for others.”

Artyon Celestine plays Ella’s bestie Kai.

Filmed throughout the pandemic, the show’s cast and crew have constantly worked together to tell a heartwarming and captivating story that everyone can relate to. Over the course of production, the actors became closer and closer with each other. Carrasco, who plays Ximema, states, “I think even that off of set we all get our quality time with each other. Like I have my girl moments with Lily and we relate to so many things. And then I have my goofy moments with Artyon; like we make TikToks together.”

Vanessa Carrasco is Emma’s other close friend Ximema.

“Life by Ella” is a show for the entire family. It is heartwarming, personable, comedic, and inspiring for all ages. As the show unfolds, we explore the unique stories of each character, spreading the message of never giving up and letting fear be your fuel rather
than your downfall.

O’Briant, the show’s leading lady Ella, states “Going through cancer, she found this new perspective and learned that going through life you can’t be afraid of anything. You just have to live life to the fullest and seize the day. And I feel like that’s something I myself can learn from, and that I really hope viewers can take away from the show as well.”

“Life By Ella” is now streaming on Apple TV+. Watch the full interview by clicking below.


By Avery Kelley, High School Freshman

Instagram: @askaveryk / YouTube: Teendom Talk Show


Written by TrueStar Staff

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