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Life Lessons 101: What My Freshman Year At College Taught Me About Myself

So this isn’t going to be the typical article that you tend to get from me. This one is going to be a little more on the personal side; almost like a journal entry that I’m letting you guys read. So with that being said, let’s just get straight to the point about a major stepping stone that I like to call college.

You should know that I am a sophomore now and I attend Southern Illinois University which is a predominantly white institution, aka a PWI. It’s important for me to note that I, just like some of you all reading this right now, was terrified to go to college away from home. I mean just the thought of being away from my parents drew me into tears. These tears flowed even when I got to college. You may be a tough cookie now but wait till reality sets in and hits you for the first time. Homesickness is REAL.

Being away from everything I loved was not only sad for me but it also felt a bit weird, especially when it came to my new living situation. When you’re living with someone in college, you begin to explore the advantages and disadvantages of having a roommate in a tiny square also called a dorm room. I must admit that from my experience, this was very frustrating at first, living with someone taught me two things. One being that rooming together was pretty cool because it was something new and I really did liked my roommate. Lesson two taught me that if given a choice, I’d rather live on my own then share a tiny space with someone.

My first year of college also taught me that I’m more independent than I thought I was, but that I need to be more open to taking chances. I know now that I don’t want to be afraid to take risks. Going forward, I want to be open to seeing what the world has to offer.

To put it simply, I’m happy that I went away. I know some of you may be struggling with your own jitters about leaving home for the first time, but know this: You will adapt. Just like you adapted from elementary school to high school, you will adapt to college life. As long as you are willing to let go of your fears and be open to change you’ll be just fine. Trust me. I know.

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By Trinity Bishop, Sophomore, Southern Illinois University

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Written by Trinity Bishop

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