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Limits To Masculinity: How Far Will You Go?


So I’ve had this discussion with various age groups of men. Are there limits to masculinity? This question came about when I suggested men should get their eyebrows touched up! If it’s okay for a man to get a manicure and pedicure, why not touch your eyebrows up? Now some guys aren’t facially challenged and may not need that extra primp to bring out their face, but some of you all need to invest in some eyebrow arching to enhance your facial features. The younger group of men (teens) believe that’s girly and if you do, it shows actions of homosexuality. An older group of men (late 20’s) believe that as long as it isn’t consistent and it’s not an actual arch, then every now and then it’s ok….and I thought women were picky [smh].

What do you think? Ladies, would you mind if your man got a mani,pedi, and eyebrow “touch up?” Fellas, would you mind if your male friend got their eyebrows touched up? Would you join them one day? What are your limits to masculinity?

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