Lonnie Edwards & Tobi Shinobi Open New Art Studio

Art from Lonnie Edwards and Tobi Shinobi ‘s new exhibit.

Lonnie Edwards and Tobi Shinobi recently showcased their new studio they call Studio Sh_Sh, and now it’s open to everyone. If you are not familiar with Edwards or Shinobi, both are amazing artists with different styles. Edwards, who is an amazing painter, draws and paints his feelings and his childhood into his art. He stated, “I want everyone to know their crown is waiting for them, and they have to go find it. You cant wait for good things to happen to you; you got to work for it and keep track of your vision.”

Shinobi, on the other hand, captures his art through photography. Shinobi has a amazing eye and captures moments and areas no normal person would see or explore. He stated, “I just want to bring everyone on a journey with me and show everyone that your environment is not the only thing you have to stay in or explore.”

This video art piece changes every few seconds when you look at it with your phone.

One thing that stands out about both Edwards’ and Shinobi’s art is that you will be amazed and be locked inside of the art exhibit for hours. Each painting and picture plays a video and it talks to you or shows an animation if you record on your phone. If you want to check out the studio, it is located at The Fields Studio, 4000 W. Diversey Chicago, IL, 60647.


By Christopher Lockridge

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Written by Christopher Lockridge

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