L♥ve & HipHop Atlanta Boycott


The first episode of Love and HipHop Atlanta has just premiered and viewers are already petitioning to have it removed off the air. According to TheGrio, viewers are accusing the show of “exploiting black women.” Check out the evidence:

“The first episode featured Mama Dee, rapper Lil’ Scrappy’s mother, admitting to being a former pimp and drug dealer. It went on to introduce inspiring rapper Joseline Hernandez as a former stripper who’s been rumored to be spending too much time with her producer Stevie J. Following the premiere of the show, Joseline Hernandez tweeted a photo of herself naked not long after the show aired, to fight allegations that she was a man.”

People are not playing with these reality shows. Ever since that shameful season of Basketball Wives, people are fed up with the way women (especially black women) are being portrayed. I like it, I agree, I support this. I love me a drama-filled reality show as much as the next person, but these shows have taken it to another level.

What ya’ll think? Are the viewers right? Or are they being too sensitive?


Written by shaquillemachelle


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