LUV- Common’s New Movie (Trailer)

LUV, is a new movie starring Common and Michael Rainey Jr. It’s a story about a man who tries to teach his nephew to become a man in one day, but trouble continues to get in the way. Monday, Common came back to his hometown, Chicago, for the screening of this new movie LUV which was played at the Icon Theater where there was a red carpet and TrueStar got to speak to the star himself.

“I think it’s a film that takes you on a dramatic ride that makes you realize, man, somewhere in your life, love needs to be given in the healthiest way,” Common says, “One thing you see about my character is that he really loves his nephew, but because of his own selfishness he’s taking his nephew through some things that a young kid or any human being shouldn’t go through.”

The film features a lot of drama with a powerful storyline and even more powerful message. “Hopefully, it’s not only a dramatic story that you go to the movies and be entertained by, but it also helps you realize your selfishness and you doing those things, you might be sacrificing someone else’s peace of mind and sanity and not really giving love the way you should,” Common adds.

It’s a great film. Be sure to go see it in theaters November 9th. Support a fellow Chicagoan.


Written by shaquillemachelle


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