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Lyric Talks To TSL About New Single ‘Who Can I Run To?’

Oh, Lyric? She’s back again!

The Chicago singer/songwriter, also known as Lyric Powell-McCord, has graced our ears with her new single “Who Can I Run To?”– just the young summer anthem fans need right now. The track, produced by D. Brooks Exclusive, shows that Lyric is only getting started on her way to dominating the industry. Not only do her raw vocals draw your attention, but the nature of her determination and craft easily sets her apart. As a recent graduate from Walter H. Dyett High School for the Arts, the True Star alum feels prepared for any obstacles coming her way. At just the age of 18 years-old, this young talent is definitely making strides to get to where she’s destined to be in the music industry.

Lyric hung out with TSL to update us on her career, her new single, and new developments in her life.

TrueStar.Life: How do you feel that you’ve grown creatively over the past two years since your last True Star feature?

Lyric: I feel that I’ve grown tremendously as a person… I can say that I’ve always been a creative person, but my creativity levels have increased since the last time I was a part of True Star. I’ve been working with different producers and creating a sound for myself, which wasn’t happening my first time being featured in the magazine. I’m basically creating a new sound for myself and something that’s really just for me. I feel that my fans and supporters will relate to it. And I’ve been seeing some really good results from the last single I just released.

TSL: What’s it like to release a project during a time of unrest like this?

Lyric: I feel like I’ve always been an advocate for young girls who deal with anxiety, depression, and insecurities… And I want them to be able to say, “Hmm, I feel this exact way. Like she really hit it on the nail with this one,” because that’s exactly how I feel.

TSL: What does “Who can I run to?” mean to you?

Lyric: It can mean a number of things. You know, a person I wanted to talk to about anything. A person that can ask me if I’m okay, how I’m doing. It was always me reaching out. I’ve always been the type to be somebody’s ear and nobody was really my ear. And the person that was my ear during this situation, during my time of writing, he wasn’t being my ear. He wasn’t listening. He wasn’t calling. It got to the point where you haven’t been here in so long. And now whenever I need you, you’re not picking up, you got a girlfriend now, you’re not what I need anymore. You’re not being there for me like how I was with you. So, ‘Who can I run to?’ really means who can I run to?” 

TSL: What are your thoughts on the position that women now have within the music industry?

Lyric: I’m not big on over-sexualizing women. Now, do I listen to my Meg Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B? Yeah, I do. Do I agree with how they present themselves and how they do things? No, not all the time. But, they’re selling sex, you know? Now, with me? I’m not on that at all. It’s not about what I have on. It’s not about how my hair looks.

TSL: What can we expect to see and hear from you throughout the rest of 2020? Do you have any news you can share about your projects for 2021?

Lyric: “I have a few ideas and projects I plan on putting out during the summer. I’m going to college too, so I definitely plan on putting out music. Music is my life … Y’all can definitely expect some new projects from me in the summer of 2021.”

Make sure to check out her newest single “Who Can I Run To?” and support Lyric’s music! This young star in the making will definitely be a household name.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

IG: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

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