Margena Christian From Ebony Magazine Talks To True Star Journalists


Recently, True Star journalists had the pleasure of having a guest speaker come in and give her experience in the world of journalism. Her name is Dr. Margena A. Christian and she is a senior writer for EBONY Magazine and has been with the publication since 2009. Before her promotion to EBONY, she worked with JET Magazine in the early years of her career with the Johnson Publishing Company.

Christian shared that the new issue of EBONY will carry the theme of “Saving Our Sons,” inspired by the Trayvon Martin case. The four separate cover stories to be featured are Dwyane Wade with his two sons, Spike Lee and his son, Boris Kodjoe and his son, and of course, the Martin family. The magazine also features interviews of several 17-year-old boys who offer their perspectives on being young and black in today’s society.

TS_EBONY Covers Pic

To all the young journalists out there, keep calm and keep writing.

By Taylor Miggins, 8th Grade, Morgan Park

Written by IVC Productions


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