Marvel’s “Moon Knight” Is Starting Off Great

Moon Knight

On the 30th of March, Marvel gave us the first episode of the long awaited show, “Moon Knight.” The show opens up with the antagonist, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), putting broken glass in his shoes as a form of meditation. He walks with seemingly no pain, suggesting that he’s done this numerous times. We then meet Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), as he shares a body with Marc Spector. Steven works at a museum gift shop, with an insufferable boss, so it’s clear his life is in shambles. After work and talking to statues, Steven goes home and to bed, doing his nightly routine of putting a pile of sand by his bed and restraining himself to his bed while he sleeps. After trying to stay up, Steven suddenly finds himself in a completely different place with a fractured jaw, greeted with a voice saying, “Go back to sleep worm” and “Surrender the body to Marc”.

This voice belongs to Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), the Egyptian Moon God, who’s responsible for Moon Knight’s abilities. Marc Spector causes a lapse in Steven’s mind when he takes over his body. After encountering Arthur face-to-face, Steven tries to give up a special scarab artifact but his body doesn’t allow it. Following this we get a sequence of Steven going in and out of existence, as Marc takes over to handle fighting the guys trying to take the scarab. Throughout this sequence, Khonshu refers to Steven as a parasite, as if to say Steven is the one who doesn’t belong in control of this body. Steven then wakes up in his bed and is convinced that the events that took place were a dream, but in actuality two days had gone by.

This show is setting up this dual personality character in a great way. This dive into Steven’s perspective is exactly what we need as a first episode. We dig into this dual personality later after Steven finds a phone and answers a call coming through from a girl named Layla (May Calamawy), calling Steven by the name Marc. The villain of this show is motivated through religious beliefs, as he judges people with the tattooed scale on his arm. Turning red means the soul isn’t good and he drains their life force away, and green is the opposite. The episode ends with Steven in peril and the only way out being surrendering his body to Marc fully. They have a conversation through a mirror in a pretty tense scene. After surrendering, Steven turns into Moon Knight and proceeds to beat the demon brutally, introducing for the first time Moon Knight. This served as an amazing first episode and has me really excited for what it has to offer.


By Gary Langfield Jr, Junior, The Noble Academy


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