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Mattel To Come Out With Curvy, Petite And Tall Barbie


You can now tell your child that Barbie comes in not only different colors, but now in different sizes as well. This past Thursday, toy company Mattel, unveiled the new Barbie who will not only have different heights, but will come in different sizes including a full-figured Barbie.

‘Christie’ was the first African American member in Barbie’s circle of friends introduced in 1968.

According to the article by the New York Times, “The move is about more than just making Barbie look different. While Barbie was once Mattel’s powerhouse brand, sales have plummeted in recent years as the doll has struggled to remain relevant to little girls who do not look like her and who play with toys other than dolls.”

The First Black Barbie was introduced in 1980.

“I think today, frankly more so than any other time, Barbie is truly representing what girls see,” said Richard Dickson, who is Mattel’s president and chief operating officer and the executive in charge of Barbie’s reinvention.

You can read the full New York Times article here…

I can’t help but think it’s been a long time coming. What do you think about Mattel now having a non-one-size-fit-all Barbie? Comment below!

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