Meet Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend Eniko


I didn’t know Kevin Hart had a girlfriend. I could have  sworn that he just got a divorce. Well apparently Kevin and Eniko celebrated their 4 year anniversary on the Fiji Islands.

Kevin-Hart-and-EnikoAfter revealing numerous pics of their vacation and saying they’d been together 4 years on Instagram, he stated:

I’m sitting on the beach thinking about life right now….Here’s what I want to share with my Fans…..Nobody knows MY life better than me, Nobody knows what I’ve been thru better than ME…..Nobody knows why I’ve made certain decisions in my life better than ME, Nobody knows how hard my road to success was better than ME…Nobody knows about my Relationship with my Family Friends & Girlfriend better than ME….so with that being said HOW CAN YOU JUDGE ME!!! I’m in such a good mental space right now & 4 that I thank God! I’m a open book with my fans all the time which is why I shared my thoughts.

My guess is that he realized that people were questioning had he cheated on his wife, which I’m guessing he did. They look like they had an amazing time. On his Instagram was a a video of her singing Jay and Bey’s song On The Run to Kevin. You heard him in the background say,”my baby is singing to me.”She’s really pretty. I’m happy for the little couple.

Kevin-Hart-and-Eniko-celebrate-4-year-anniversary-Fiji-IslandsTwitter: love_war_hate Instagram: love_impeccable


Written by Eri Loves


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